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Speaking Engagements

Chandra Cleveland learned about the safety of people from one of the most diverse elements - law enforcement. Chandra officially began her career in law enforcement in 1990 as a Patrol Deputy in one of the highest crime rate areas. Chandra earned top honors as the first female honoree for Deputy of The Year and First Female to be named Officer of The Year for The State of South Carolina and just one year later she was assigned as the first black female Internal Affairs Investigator. During her tenure, she developed an incredible reputation for being highly informed on crimes trends and juvenile crimes in communities.

Chandra believes we all should be knowledgeable of the law and if not, be friends with someone who does know the law. Chandra is a straight shooter to youth and their parents. If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask Chandra. Chandra’s real lessons from her real life situations will surely let you know she knows what she is talking about. Chandra’s demeanor and her demanding voice makes you clutch on to her every word, and her examples truly send you home with some to think about.

It does not matter if it is an intimate group of 20 or an auditorium of 2000, Chandra has the ability to bring visuals to her words. Chandra’s personal experiences and stories adds life to her topics. Chandra’s presentations are true-to-life experiences, sharing knowledge that could save the life of all who are under the sound of her voice.

Chandra Cleveland wakes up audiences with her real life experiences, and her knowledge could save your life and your child. Known for her toughness on the streets and her straightforwardness with friends and families, Chandra has never backed down from a challenge. She is a highly sought-after speaker for her extensive expertise in:


Sex Trafficking                                                  Social Media Apps Warning

Domestic Violence                                         Violence In The Workplace

Catfight Self Defense                                     Situational Awareness

Online Dating                                                   Don't Touch Me     

Teen Safety                                                       Kidnapping 

Cellphone Safety                                            Abduction 101

KidFight Self-Defense                                    Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Missing Children The First 24                       What Would You Do?





Throw a flag and start a conversation about sex trafficking, sextortion, campus sexual assaults, intimate partner abuse and spiking drinks or any other crime acts.

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