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Our Mission

ITS On Me 2

ITS (I Think Safety) ON ME 2:  . The main goal of the ITS On Me 2 initiative is to create access to training, resource opportunities and awareness toward safety and protection against issue of sex trafficking, missing and violence on girls and women.   Taking training into communities, schools, colleges and corporations on what they can do to help stop crimes against women and girls. 


ITS On Me 2 has a Human Trafficking Training and Awareness component we are using to not only ensure that the issues of human trafficking are visible, but more importantly to mobilize and take steps to effect sustainable change in the lives of trafficked individuals across the world.


To achieve this goal, ITS On Me 2 works by mobilizing victims into self-help groups and training them through engagement opportunities in various safety, awareness, and personal protection activities. As an organization, ITS On Me 2 believes that in order to reach these victims, we must make them aware, train and equip them with informational resources.

Inv. Chandra Cleveland